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Lance Sandwich Crackers

Charlotte, NC
Lance® has been making sandwiches for OVER 100 YEARS because they know sandwiches mean more. SANDWICHES MEAN MORE SUBSTANCE to power you through the morning, day and night. SANDWICHES MEAN MORE FLAVORS. SANDWICHES MEAN MORE "REAL." They are not some invented snack. They are tried and true. Sandwiches mean more because they are more. We CELEBRATE THE POWER OF THE SANDWICH. We revel in its form. Owning this celebration of the sandwich form ELEVATES US ABOVE THE SNACKING CROWD into a place that is more befitting, more sandwich-worthy. You see, we don't look at a sandwich as two pieces of something, with another kind of thing in the middle. No. AT LANCE® A SANDWICH IS TWO AWESOMES WITH AN INCREDIBLE IN THE MIDDLE.